Inclusive Education South Africa (IESA), previously Inclusive Education Western Cape (IEWC) is a registered NPO that has, since 1995, been committed to promoting and supporting positive models of Inclusive Education in schools, preschools and other centres of learning in the Western Cape Province. On the 11th March 2015 the staff members of Good Shepherd attended a workshop presented by Kim Andreoli.

IESA’s vision is of an inclusive education system, which acknowledges diversity in all its forms and strives to meet the needs of every learner. IESA is working as part of a consortium of other NPO’s in the region, to strengthen inclusion at 12 identified Full Service Schools in the Grahamstown District, Good Shepherd is one of those schools. According to the “Guidelines for Full-service/Inclusive Schools 2010” published by the Department of Education, Full-service/Inclusive schools, are ordinary mainstream schools that provide quality education to all learners by supplying the full range of learning needs in an equitable manner.

These schools facilitate the inclusion of vulnerable learners and strive to identify and reduce barriers to learning through targeted support structures and mechanisms that will improve the retention of learners in the education system, particularly learners who are prone to dropping out.

An inclusive education system also:

  • acknowledges that all children can learn;
  • ensures education structures, systems and methodologies to meet the needs of all children;
  • contributes to the quality of education for all;
  • enables children with disabilities to stay with their families and communities;
  • is part of a wider strategy to promote an inclusive society;
  • is consistent with the key principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability.

IEWC is very excited about being a partner in this project in the Eastern Cape and have no doubt that our joint collaboration will strengthen the already wonderful work being done at our partner schools.