Top 5 achievers grade 1 -5

Congratulations to the following Top 5 academic achievers.  The Good Shepherd Family salutes

you for your dedication and hard work – well done!

Grade 1                                                                          Grade 2

Esona Ngcangca 86 %                                          Lilitha Marangxa                80%

Casey Olkers       82%                                            Kayla Jack                           76%
Zinathi Losi         80,6%                                       Reevah Groeners              72%
Liwa Maxhaulana  80,4%                                   MayaMohammed             70,6%
Jaynikah-Dre Davids   80%                              Alviro Roman                    70%
Grade 3                                                                  Grade 4

Cameron Peterson            85%                          Shadee Sias                     88%

Rushayda Jacobs            82%                           Imthandile Faku              85%
Luncumo Lungile               82%                        Claudette Morgan           84%
Grade 5                                                             Grade 6

Esam Klaas                      77%                            Curtley-Rose Daniels         83%

Caitlin Bokbaard             77%                          Shimeecha van Heerden     79%
Beyante Marthinus         76%                          Sisipho Maseti                     78%
Kiah Fourie                       74%                         Sibusisiwe Yapi                  75%
Abukwe Kwezi                  73%                        Tyler de Jongh                   75%

Grade 7       

Yentl Burgess                   82%

Jayda van Niekerk             75%
Emihle Mbunge                 73%
Nondze Amaza                  73%
Chule Mfecane                  72%


3d human with a gold trophy in hands



Our new lab facilitator Tishan Jegels

At the start of the 2021 School Year, the Click Foundation cemented their relationship with the Good Shepherd Primary School. They appointed a Facilitator for their programme at the school in the form of the young and vibrant Tishan Jegels.

Tishan matriculated at Victoria Girls High School in 2019, and has seen this appointment as a step in the direction that she will be studying in to.  She enjoys working with the children and have, during this term, really managed to get to know each of the learners entering the Computer Lab. She is a positive acquisition to the school with the children all enjoying her bubbly personality.

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