Term 1 news update 2022

17 March 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians

As I walked through the streets of our beautiful city in the early morning recently, I realised the almightiness of our creator. Some leaves have fallen off the trees, the morning breeze is cooler and even the sun will show its first beams later than at the beginning of the term. When I passed our beautiful Cathedral of St. Michael and St. George, centred in the middle of our town, I suddenly stopped and stared at the architecture of this amazing building.  Stone by stone it was planned by the Scott brothers from 1850 and only completed in 1952.  After I crossed the street the morning sun was behind the 54-meter-high tower and the images of the first sunbeams was holy and something Godly was happened within the sunrise.

Why am I mentioning the above paragraph? There is a deeper meaning for me.  The Bible tells us that a solid and deep foundation is crucial when one wants to build a house, but also tells us that in life that we must have a sturdy foundation otherwise our lives will collapse just like a house, or a tower will collapse with a soft and neglected foundation. At Good Shepherd, our educators and other stakeholders try to motivate and inspire learners to have good values, standards and missions in our personal lives, a foundation of strong character. Lastly help us to form and build our own foundation to strive to grow bigger and stronger. We strongly believe in bending the tree while it is still young to bring about the best, tastiest and healthiest fruit from that tree. Thank you to those families and guardians who shared these values and thank you to our learners who follow the excellent example of teachers and other educational stakeholders. We are one happy and motivated Good Shepherd family and we do value the positive influence of the greater Makhanda community.


As we are heading towards the end of Term 1, I want to share some important notes with you:

  1. All assessments and schedules are uploaded on a computerized system, SASAMS. Currently the Department of Basic Education have had some issues on a national level with the new patch.              This means that no school can hand out reports at the end of term.  All reports will now be handed              out in the second week of the second term, before the Easter long weekend on Thursday 14 April.
  2. School will dismiss for the first term next week on Friday 25 March, the administrative office will be open until 10am.  On Thursday 24 March there will be a fundraiser in the form of a Civvies Day.                 We ask parents to send R5 to the school to participate in this fundraiser.  It is not fair that only a              few learners bring a R5 coin to school, please be part of the Good Shepherd Family and   take              part in fundraisers.
  3. There are many donations outstanding for the first term, please donate so that your child can benefit educationally from your donation.
  4. Tomorrow school will dismiss at 12:00 due to the long weekend. School gates will be closed at              12:15 please ensure that you make arrangements with your transport. School will resume on              Tuesday at 7:45 as Monday is a public holiday.
  5. We have discovered that many of our contact details for parent have changed. Should you have a new cell number please let you class teacher or the office (0466228998) so that we are able to get              hold of you should there be an emergency.



Yours in Education



Mr. M. Cronje