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Term 1 news update 2022

17 March 2022 Dear Parents/Guardians As I walked through the streets of our beautiful city in the early morning recently, I realised the almightiness of our creator. Some leaves have fallen off the trees, the morning breeze is cooler and even the sun will show its first beams later than at the beginning of the […]

Grade R – 2022 Little lambs

The new Gr. R’s this morning at their new Little Lambs School. Featuring staff:  Mr Cronje (principal), Ms Funika Madolwana (assistant), Ms. Mekkie Hillier (Gr. R Practitioner), Ms. Lauren May (student)

Welcome to our new teacher Ms. Hope Prince

Welcome to Ms Hope Prince. Mr Cronje with the new Grade 2 Teacher (Ms. Hope Prince) with some of her Gr. 2 learners in the reading corner in her class.  Ms. Prince is from our own town (Makhanda) and graduated from Rhodes University. Welcome to the Good Shepherd family.  

Grade 2 2022

Our grade 2 class was renamed as little lambs this year, our class was very excited with new signage and name change. Good Shepherd would like to thank Buco, Grahamstown for sponsoring the new signage.

Welcome to our family Mr Wana

We welcome Mr. Thulani Wana from N.V. Cewu as the new Head of Department in our school. This post became vacant with the passing of Mrs Christian in April 2020.  As there are HOD’s in excess, the Department of Basic Education placed Mr. Wana at our school. He is a young, vibrant leader and we […]

Top 5 achievers grade 1 -5

Congratulations to the following Top 5 academic achievers.  The Good Shepherd Family salutes you for your dedication and hard work – well done! Grade 1                                                              […]

Our new lab facilitator Tishan Jegels

At the start of the 2021 School Year, the Click Foundation cemented their relationship with the Good Shepherd Primary School. They appointed a Facilitator for their programme at the school in the form of the young and vibrant Tishan Jegels. Tishan matriculated at Victoria Girls High School in 2019, and has seen this appointment as […]

Our school play ground refurbished

GOOD SHEPHERD PRIMARY SCHOOL REFURBISHED The school recently did some work on the Grade R premises at the school. The play area for the children were re-painted to add some vibrant colour into the lives of the young ones. In addition, a new sandpit will be available to the Grade R learners when they return […]

Wi-fi Extender

Installation of Wi-Fi Extender The Good Shepherd School was experiencing difficulties with connection to the Wi-Fi Router on the new building. The router is installed on the one side of the building, on the first floor. It resulted in the classes on the other side of the building, and especially on the ground floor, having […]