It was decided on the occasion of the Annual General Meeting of the Good Shepherd Trust, to invite supporters and volunteers at Good Shepherd School to hear the Chairperson’s 2018 Annual Report and to be thanked for all the support and assistance they provide to Good Shepherd School. So rather than the Chairperson’s Report being presented in the formal AGM and Trust Meeting it was presented by Prof Geoff Antrobus at a function attended by 30 supporters and volunteers, as well as Trust members. Held at the Highlander on Tuesday 28 May it was a wonderful occasion for supporters and volunteers to network and be personally thanked by Trustee, Kelly Long, who did the Vote of Thanks. The 2018 Good Shepherd Trust Annual Report was also made available to all in attendance.

Cathy Meiklejohn

Trust Manager

Good Shepherd Trust

Vote of thanks by Kelly Long.

Vote of Thanks to Supporters and Volunteers of Good Shepherd School, 28 May 2019

Those in bold was in attendance:

  • GADRA Education, Ashley Westaway, Manager and their Primary Education Programme Manager, Sylvester Jefferies and Fieldworker in 2018, Amanda Nesi (now at Rhodes Education and recently on the Trust). As well as GADRA Interns assisting in the classrooms in 2019 – Lukhanyo Manyati and Rachel Chikuta.
  • Lebone Centre – Cathy Gush, Manager and Chanelle Woolf, GSS Coordinator. For their numerous literacy projects (including the Home Schooling Parent training programme) and Classroom Libraries in all the Foundation Phase classrooms
  • South African Maths Chair, Professor Mellony Graven, and Coordinator of the Grade 2 Maths programme in 2018, Lize Westaway, along with her helpers from GADRA Education and the Rhodes Education Faculty.
  • San Knoetze from Rhodes Education Department for all the liaison and support around Student teachers at Good Shepherd
  • SAIAB Interns, coordinated by Zipho Canda, who help in the Library every Thursday morning on a weekly rotation.
  • St Andrew’s Prep, ArtReach Project, Coordinator, Ms Cindy Renard and art teacher, Ms Lynne Cordell.
  • Sifunda Kunye for maintaining the Computer Lab. Zander Hampson and Jolande Swartz (who also assists with the Good Shepherd School Website and Newsletter).
  • June Venn Library Manager, and Elizabeth Breetzke and Alison Terry who help in the Library, assisting the FP learners to choose books on a weekly basis. Volunteers who covered Library books: Roswitha Hobson, Meg and Betty Hartzenberg.
  • Rev Claire Nye-Hunter, for all her counselling work and for being a wonderful Chaplain to Good Shepherd School, for the Cathedral Services which she leads so energetically and beautifully
  • Suzanne Sievwright, Psychologist, for taking on referrals pro bono.
  • Kevin Henry, Manager of the St Andrew’s Printing Unit, for doing the Annual Report layout and formatting.
  • Regular donors towards the Breakfast Appeal – Louise Erasmus (PE-based, SAC parent), Des Alcock (SAC teacher)
  • Regular donor to general Good Shepherd Trust funds, Penny Whitford.
  • Rotary for its generous donations to the School – Sally Terry and Patrick Pringle who coordinated these.

Chairperson of the SGB, Kwakhe Maramnco and Principal, Manie Cronje, for such positive working relationships and support and cooperation.

All Trustees who give of their time, provide input and wisdom – Alan Thompson, Headmaster of SAC, David Wylde (former Headmaster of SAC and Educational consultant), Carol Muirhead (SAC Business Manager), Bishop Ebenzer, Mother Zelma, Sarah Alcock, Brendan Brady (Headmaster of Prep), Ncumisa Mzaza (SAC Community Engagement),Suzanne Sievwright, Amanda Nesi,

Trustees and Management Committee members for making things happen and overseeing the implementation of the Good Shepherd Trust’s work at Good Shepherd School – Geoff Antrobus (Chairperson of Trust), Margie Keeton, Kelly Long, Manie Cronje and Cathy Meiklejohn.