Trust investments in Counselling, Library and Computer Lab

Counselling support was provided weekly during 2018 by Rev Dr Claire Nye-Hunter *Pic 9*. Her Social-Work and pastoral training was invaluable in offering a safe space for learners and staff to receive counselling. She also plays the vital Chaplaincy role at Good Shepherd. Anyone who has attended a Good Shepherd Church Service in the Cathedral will know her inimitable style of encouraging enthusiastic participation by the children. She has ensured that these Church Services and her Wednesday Assemblies are a joy to witness and are enthusiastically enjoyed by the learners.

Ms June Venn continued as the Library Manager in 2018. Pic 10 She affords all learners the opportunity to take out a Library book weekly. This is something the children relish and is hopefully engendering a love of reading from a tender young age. Ms Venn also assists with some reading-support and contributes in many other ways to the life of Good Shepherd School.

Ms Samantha Kruger was appointed by the Trust in Term 4 of 2018, after a period of voluntary work, to ensure that the Computer Lab was optimally used by Good Shepherd learners. CAMI Maths and Perceptual programmes, funded by Sifunda Kunye, continue to be used by all learners. An exciting development, which emerged thanks to the initiative of Mr Brendan Brady, was the acquiring of licences for 114 Foundation Phase learners for the Reading Eggs programme (from April 2018-April 2019). This was offered at a charity price of R99 per learner, linked to St Andrew’s Prep’s subscriptions. Unfortunately, the discounted rate will no longer be available in 2019 and the use of the Programme is being reviewed because at full cost of R18 000 p.a., the Trust feels it may be able to use these funds towards funding a literacy-support facilitator, which will have greater literacy benefits. Of course, Reading Eggs is a ‘nice to have’ if a donor can be found to fund this.