Good Shepherd Primary School was very proud to take part in this years Shakespeare’s School Festival at Rhodes Theater on August 24th.

The boys and girls of GSP blew the audience away with their sassy, funny, serious and soulful rendition of Shakespeare’s famous Midsummer’s night Dream.

Unsurprisingly, our young actors and actresses shone all competition off the stage with their golden performances. For first time performers, they truly made themselves and their school exceptionally proud.

The school is grateful to The Shakespeare’s School Festival for inviting Good Shepherd Primary to take part in this prestigious event. In addition, we are endlessly thankful for the time and dedication put in by Rhodes drama students who volunteered to assist in directing and staging their outstanding performance.

Thank you so much to all the staff, parents, pupils and general public who came to support our rising stars. Most importantly, thank you to every member of our star cast – your motivation, passion and enthusiasm made this undertaking an even greater success than we thought possible.

Don’t stop dreaming!