On the 25th of May 2018, the grade 5 class was invited by Coaching for Conservation to Amakala Game reserve – where they participated in the annual Rhino Rapid Awareness Program.

The program is aimed towards educating learners about the devastating effects of Rhino poaching. Coaching for Conservation   on aspires to address the belief systems of children. They instill confidence, hope and desire into children by inspiring them to make a difference in the world.

Coaching for Conservation uses two mechanisms for teaching: firstly, to harness the power of sport and all the inherent values that sport provides in terms of health, fitness, teamwork and pride. Secondly, allowing children to learn from the coaches and mentors – by bringing the animals that they are trying to protect, onto the sports field.

The learners participated in a three-part programme (MEET; BE; HELP) conducted by qualified and experienced educators and soccer coaches.

For the “MEET” section they were given a brief talk about their coach/animal for the day (Rhino).

They were then taken to the field to do soccer drills and “BE” the animal.

The session was completed with the “HELP” section – a series of conservation games, which also included an exciting game drive.